terça-feira, julho 07, 2009


Encontrei hoje um colega de curso que me indicou um sítio da Internet, no qual participa, sobre macroalgas. Este sítio está integrado num projecto que pretende inventariar, estudar e catalogar as espécies de macroalgas da costa portuguesa.

"Contribution for the Knowledge of the Marine Macroalgae of Portuguese Coast"


Having a coastline longer than 800Km, a fact wich greatly has determined the historical perspective from which Portugal has evolved, one would expect the study of seaweeds to be well developed. However, this is not the case, and the latest global work on identification and inventory of seaweeds of the Portuguese coast, was published in 1970.

Considering this problem, a wide project was established: "Contribution for the Knowledge of the Marine Macroalgae of Portuguese Coast", in wich this online resource is included.

With the database we intend to organize and mantain the information collected from several field trips on a digital support. This brings a tremendous advantage on the flexibility, speed and easyness of accessing the information.

In a time when we witness the consolidation of Internet as a privileged mean of obtaining information on every possible subject, we intend, by making the information of the database available online, to contribute with a useful resource to all those who are interested in this area of knowledge.

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